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Would love to know a couple of companies in each of the investment areas you would consider leaders... Thx

1. Big data analytics: datameer and karmasphere are making a start around dashboards. There are several companies that are starting to work on industry-specific big data analytics

2. Enterprise mobile applications: I like the work that Spring Wireless and our own Appia are doing

3. Data and application integration: Talend and Snaplogic

4. Data marketplaces and API management: I like Infochimps and FluidInfo on marketplaces and 3Scale for API management

5. Accelerating data movement: Aspera

Investing above or level with cloud app layers makes perfect sense for 1st world economies... What about underdeveloped ecosystems (yes, I'm talking about Greece) where the number of local CSPs is ~zero? The flexibility of cloud solutions could be literally a lifesaver for business at this time; yet, when you talk about clouds down here ppl look at the sky...

Cloud is being aggressively adopted by developing countries, e.g., Brazil, Russia, India, China, etc. as a way to accelerate the modernization of their aged, or non-existent, IT infrastructures. Through the use of cloud computing many smaller businesses in such countries are able to quickly adopt stage of the art business applications and other IT systems. In this respect cloud computing is playing the same role that mobility started playing in developing countries a few years ago by allowing them to quickly modernize their communication infrastructures.

Exactly. It's a leapfrogging opportunity; yet, in contrast to BRIC members, the med club seems to totally ignore that. Would you be willing to look into potential investments in the region?

Because my fund is based in Silicon Valley we are only considering later stage (revenue >$15m) investment opportunities abroad. But we would be happy to consider such regional opportunities

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