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Great post Evangelos. Thanks for the mention. We hear these challenges echoed by retail marketers and are seeing encouraging results using SaaS apps to harness data and apply fine-grained segmentation techniques to hone in on key customer groups. This paper is a great resource for readers interested in learning more about these advancements in marketing optimization: http://landing.pivotlink.com/5WaysCustomerSegmentation_Website.html

Joanna Rustin, PivotLink

Great resource for my research in QA Training.

Timely post, Evangelos. This push is apparent in the recent analyst reports on CMOs & Marketing.

By the title, I thought this was going to be about "sales channels," not "marketing customer-reach channels."

Seems there's a prerequisite for any technology company with dealer-sales-channels putting a degree of separation between prospects and customers and the company to also integrate that data into the company's database.

This is no small problem - as there is a lot of institutional anxiety in dealers, as they see their world changing with the shift to cloud and subscription models. However, it's amazing to note that there persists a significant number products from top-10 software companies whose business is still dominated by their legacy per-seat license model and an arms-length dealer channel.

Great post, and a need for a follow-up on the shift required in this other "channel" aspect.

The multi-channel world companies need to operate in has made marketing a far more complex proposition where technology can play a pivotal role, very much like it is playing in other areas. It has also put marketing in the front and center of CRM rather than as the last component of CRM, as was previously the case. Indirect sales environments have not yet attracted the necessary attention, as direct sales environments have and admittedly more work must be done there,

Thank you for the suggestion and will plan on addressing this topic in one of my future posts

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