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Great post, I totally agree, especially regarding Enterprise SaaS being different from SMB SaaS. I think far too many investors have not had enough enterprise selling experience to realize you can't take the same approach to Enterprise SaaS as SMB/Consumer. At the end of the day, someone is making a bet on your application, a bet that will replace potentially millions of $'s of internal investment. So, even though the lead generation process might be similar, the selling process, need for internal approvals, etc. requires some sort of hybrid selling approach. Same with customer service.

At Buzzient, we've been pitching to the Enterprise from day one. Even when it wasn't sexy a few years ago. Even when 9 out of 10 investors told me "Enterprise is Dead!". We stuck to our course because as in the words of Willie Sutton, "That's where the money is".I think 2013 is going to really be a year where everyone sees that to be true. We talk about Enterprise SaaS a lot on our blog:


Great post! Keep 'em coming!



Hi Trident Capital,

Your 2013 resolutions in big data look great! You've done a wonderful job on your blog.

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Tina Jin

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